Master In Public Health

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Master in Public Health with a Specialization in Environmental and Occupational Health
Just a couple months I lost sight of all the things I hoped to accomplish as a public health professional. Recently, my family had suffered the loss of my grandmother. A month later my mother unexpectedly passed away. Losing my grandmother was hard but losing my mother was tragic. Everything I once knew to be true was gone. At that time, I began to turn my back on my hope for the future. My mother played a great role in my life. A significant role that no amount of money or time afforded would be enough to show my appreciation. My mother would shine brightest in moments like this when I felt lost and confused. She would breathe confidence and reassure me
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As the CDC states simply "Public health connects us all", years past, present and future. Public health is an all-encompassing field that does not just merely concern itself with diagnosing and treating patients. It observes, studies, researches, and mitigates the cause and effect relationships we have within our environments as well as the rest of the world. It is a field devoted to improving the lives of all. I have developed a passion and appreciation for public health because it does not merely observe end results and compute them into statistics, but reaches back in time to understand how and why. Coming from a single parent household, of a low economic status I was affected by what we as public health professionals understand to be the social determinants of health. I myself did not realize that these "determinants" existed in my personal life, nor did I understand the way they shaped the lives of everyone. Public health has played a vital role in my life since I can remember. From getting my vaccinations at the health department as a child, to the implantation of sidewalks in my neighborhood, to the banning of cigarette smoke in restaurants, to the seatbelt campaign "click it or ticket", to the free HIV education and testing offered on my college campus. Public health is fascinating and I would be honored to give to others what was so freely given to
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