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Master of Business Administration – Perth

Duration Study periods Units
From two years part-time Feb, Apr, Jul, Sep, Oct, Dec 16 Advanced standing Fees
Call us to see if you qualify $2450 per unit, find out about FEE-HELP Unleash your leadership potential: 100% online MBA in Perth Officially the “World’s most isolated capital city”, Perth is a city unlike any other place in Australia. Business dealings may be dominated by the east coast, but there’s plenty going on out west too. The relaxed and friendly environment of Perth often encourages a different style of commercial dealings, which appeal to a range of
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A strong focus on the potential of digital systems will also enable you to flourish in the modern business environment.

Your future starts now

SCU Online proudly delivers a fully online MBA to professionals in Perth. Purpose built to suit the busy professional lifestyle, our online learning environment offering the flexibility to engage with an up-to-the-minute curriculum through a digitally unique platform. Dynamic, interactive and easy to navigate, this sought after postgraduate degree means you can study wherever, whenever suits your bustling schedule.

In addition, our online support team is second-to-none, and can help you find the right balance between work, study and your lifestyle. With plenty of options to fit every need, there’s no reason to put it off advancing your career any longer.

By having the option to specialise or create a well-rounded study program, you can tailor your MBA to suit your unique career goals and needs. Take advantage of the Perth business boom and get your MBA online from SCU Online. *

Specialise or generalise your degree Studying from Perth? Specialise or study a generalist MBA online. You have two options:
Study our comprehensive suite of business units with a specialisation in one of our four key fields: accounting, health services management, information knowledge management or managing and
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