Master Of Seduction And Cunning Leader Or Nurturing Mothers?

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Master of Seduction and Cunning Leader or Nurturing Mothers? An interpretation is defined by as the “rendering of a dramatic part, music, etc., so as to bring out the meaning, or to indicate one 's particular conception of it”. Throughout time, many scholars have taken on the various stories in the Bible and interpreted them due to their disciplines (feminist, specific sects of religion, etc). While interpretations show one’s ‘particular conception’ of a story, some scholars interpret stories, such as Judges 4-5, in a way that is more persuasive than the interpretations of other scholars. When it comes to the story of Judges 4 and 5, there are many different interpretations of the characters of Jael and Deborah. Anne Stewart of The Women’s Bible Commentary, Herbert Lockyer of Women of the Bible, and J. Cheryl Exum of Feminist Interpretations of the Bible paint these women in a varying and also similar ways. Through interpretation, Jael is thought of as a master of seduction, Deborah is analyzed as a strong leader, and both appear to possess the traits of motherhood. Many people of the Biblical community interpret Jael as a woman who seduced Sisera and write her off as a cause of temptation. Multiple biblical interpretations write women off as temptresses. However, nowhere in the story of Judges 4 and 5 does it say anything about Jael trying or succeeding in seducing Sisera. Besides inviting Sisera into her tent and killing him in the night, the

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