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Master Thesis topic 1: The Design of Lockup Contracts in IPO Firms in Europe 4 Master Thesis topic 2: Bank Risk Management 6 Master Thesis topic 3: The Ambiguous Role of Credit Ratings 8 Master Thesis topic 4: Mergers and Acquisitions 9 Master Thesis topic 5: Trading Volume and Asset Prices 10 Master Thesis topic 6: Liquidity in Asset Markets 11 Master Thesis topic 7: The Role of Corporate Governance in Mergers and Acquisitions 13 Master Thesis topic 8: The Risk of Corporate Fraud and Capital Market Consequences 15 Master Thesis topic 9: Credit Derivatives 16 Master Thesis topic 10: Bank-Borrower Relationships 17 Master Thesis topic 11: The Impact of
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As directors assume important leadership roles and they are more informed than other shareholders, thus the information asymmetry tends to be higher between directors and outside investors than between venture capitalists and outside investors. However, venture capitalists are repeat investors who have valuable reputation at stake which may limit their conflict of interests with outside investors acquiring shares in the IPO. Outside investors may not purchase shares in the IPO backed by venture capitalists who were previously involved in taking advantage of insider information and reducing the wealth of outsider investors. Besides venture capitalists also use IPO as an exit mechanism to optimally recycle investments and maximize future returns. Hence the length and expiry of directors’ lockup agreements will convey significantly different information than the length and expiry of venture capitalists’ lockup agreements.

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