Essay on Master and Margarita

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Eddie Hoecker
Russian Lit.
April 23, 2012
Dr. Z

Good Vs. Evil
The main focus of my paper will be the good and evil that is shown throughout the novel by the character, Woland. I believe that Professor Woland shows many different examples in the book of both good and evil. I think that his character alone, was able to capture the theme of Good vs. Evil throughout the entire book. Though he may have shown a little bit more of one side than the other, and there are even a few events that will have you thinking to yourself about whether the act from Professor Woland was an act of evil or really a good act that may have just come off as evil at first. I still think that Professor Woland has many great examples of both good and evil that
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This benefitted the Master greatly because had Professor Woland not recovered the story from the ashes then the Master never would have been able to get it back and everything that he had already written would have been lost forever. This ends up being a very crucial part in the book. This example shows that there are sometimes where Professor Woland would use his power for good instead of evil. He could have just not helped the Master at all, and he would have just been left with a pile of ashes that used to be his story. Even though this did help Professor Woland, it still had a positive impact on the Master. Had Professor Woland always used his powers for good instead of evil, he would have been able to great things for people throughout the novel.
Another example of how Professor Woland does evil in the novel is how he manipulates Likhodeyev so that Professor Woland can have seven performances of black magic at his theatre. Likhodeyev wakes up, and feels very hung over. Professor Woland is standing right there with a piece of paper that has Likhodeyev’s signature on it, stating that Professor Woland may do his performances at Likhodeyev’s theatre. Likhodeyev does not remember signing this at all. Even though he does not remember, he still feels like he must let him do the performances because his signature is on the contract. This is a great example of Professor Woland doing evil because he has manipulated
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