Master plan for the development of Vietname 's motorcycle industry in the period of 2006-2015 with a vision to 2020

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MINISTRY OF INDUSTRY INSTITUTE FOR INDUSTRY POLICY AND STRATEGY MASTER PLAN FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF VIETNAM’S MOTORCYCLE INDUSTRY IN THE PERIOD OF 2006-2015, WITH A VISION TO 2020 Project management: Ministry of Industry Project executing: Institute for Industry Policy and Strategy Project leader: Nguyen Anh Nam July 2007 CONTENTS Introduction 3 Part 1. An Overview of Motorcycle Industry 5 I. Global motorcycle market and the development trend 5 I.1. Global motorcycle market 5 I.2. Development trend of global motorcycle market 8 II. Role of motorcycles in Vietnamese society II.1. Role of motorcycles in Vietnamese eco-social development II.2. Motorcycles and related social issues III. Supporting industries and industrial human…show more content…
Particularly, the limitations on the importation of completed motorcycles and high tariff barriers in a long period contributed to encouraging the formation of domestic motorcycle assembly and production. Over the past period, there appeared several problems in the motorcycle assembly and production industry such as the mass, “short-sighted” production, the lack of long term vision, the low quality of domestic products, the increasing traffic accidents and environmental pollution, the rampant infringement of intellectual property rights, the infringement of consumers’ interests, etc. Such matters must be continuously regulated to ensure the sustainable development of the industry and protect the interests of consumers, producers and the country. Particularly in the context of international integration, when Vietnam has become a member of the WTO and the protection by tariff barriers is no longer existed, the motorcycle assembly-production enterprises must obey the common international rules. On the basis of the Strategy for the Development of Vietnam’s Motorcycle Industry approved in September 2006, the Prime Minister assigned the Ministry of Industry to formulate the “Master Plan for the Development of Vietnam’s Motorcycle Industry in the period of 2006-2015, with a vision to 2020” to
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