Mastering Negotiations Is An Art And Talent That Requires

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Mastering negotiations is an art and talent that requires knowledge, patients, honesty, control, likeability, flexibility, et cetera. In the film Bridge of Spies James Donovan is a New York attorney who is appointed to a case that involves a soviet spy, he is not a government employee, however, those in the United States believe he should have allegiance to the United States. In this analysis, I am going to discuss the negotiations between James Donovan and Rudolph Abel. Rudolph Abel and James Donovan at a surface level may not have much in common and likely have different ideologies. However, this analysis will show that differences amongst others can still result in a win-win negotiation for all involved. Mr. Abel is on trial in the…show more content…
The five parts, of the study include: invention, arrangement, style, delivery and memory (Griffin, Ledbetter & Sparks, 2015, p.281). Terms of rhetoric include: Ethos- credibility of the speaker, Pathos- appeals to the audience’s emotions, Logos- logic/reason. Greek philosopher Plato considered rhetoric as artificial praise, a means of flattery, used for the gain of an interest. He called it a “Knack”, meaning to be clever and to enhance ideologies to make them seem more appealing than they really are (Griffin et al., 2015, p. 281). Mr. Donovan uses rhetoric through ethos, pathos and logos, which I will explain further. Mr. Donovan identified Abel’s interest and in doing so built credibility. Mr. Donovan used ethos to build credibility, he did so by always being honest and addressing Mr. Abel’s needs. When he met Mr. Abel, he introduced himself and the facts about himself. During the first meeting Mr. Abel made request for cigarettes, pencils and paper, which Mr. Donovan provided. He went into the negotiation with his client’s interest in mind. This was seen by some as a conflict, because it seemed to favor the Spy over the interest of the American people. However, Mr. Donovan was not going to be influenced by outside influences, he stayed focused on a fair trial for his client and in return, explained why this would be beneficial to the American people. Therefore, he established ethos that appealed and had credibility with Mr. Abel. Mr. Donovan was
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