Mastering The Art Of Subtle Racism

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Mastering the Art of Subtle Racism Upon arriving in Chicago to lecture on financial inequality, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stated in the Chicago Tribune, "I have never seen, even in Mississippi and Alabama, mobs as hateful as I 've seen here in Chicago...yes, it 's definitely a closed society” (Chicago Tribune 1). The south has a notorious and profound history in regards to racism and civil rights. As racial relations grew and evolved, the south became notorious for lagging behind the progressive movements seemingly led by the north. The south is wrought with historical locations pivotal to the Civil Rights struggle therefore the south is highlighted and portrayed as the impeding figure to racial equality. Contrary to popular belief,…show more content…
This leads us to conclude that the average northern African American is more impoverished than the average southern African American. Therefore, there is an observable skew in economic relations between races and regions. Furthermore, Charles Hirschman and Kim Blankenship, authors published in the American Journal of Sociology, explain in their article, The North South Earning Gap: Changes during the 1960s and 1970s that the south has always been a poorer region than the north due to its agricultural roots. While the north was able to develop an evolved economy based on innovation and industry the south soon fell by the wayside. With fewer large cities and more vast open spaces the south drastically lagged behind the north. A rebuilding period began and cities like Atlanta and Birmingham were developed, but were not nearly as evolved as cities like Chicago and New York. Further development of these cities would be nearly impossible as the state spending budget originated with old farming money(Hirschman Blankenship 5). In layman 's terms, the best opportunities for financial security and education resided in the abundantly equipped north. Perplexingly, this does not apply to the economic standing of black northerners. One could assert that the economic gap between the races and regions could be caused by underfunded inner city schools primarily found in the north

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