Mastering the World of Psychology Essay

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Within the book Mastering the World of Psychology chapter five covers a basis surrounding the process of learning and how it relatively has permanent changes on behavior, knowledge, capability, or attitude (“Book”). These affects are acquired through everyday experiences such as actions that take place, enhancing our understanding of everything encompassed around us. As we continue to observe and apply associative learning we continue enhance our understanding of the world we live.
The first question pertains to someone who was just counseled to avoid people and places from their previous drug days. The drug the patient has probably taken is highly addictive and within just one use the patient could return to old habits. Now by allowing the patient to return to the scene were drugs are prevalent, then the patient could reinforce his or her need for the drug again. In chapter five, reinforcement is an event that follows a response and will inevitably be repeated. There’s either negative or positive reinforcement both in which increase the probability of increased repeated action. Positive reinforcements is were any event can increase the response to be repeated. Negative reinforcements are processes were removing an unpleasant condition increases chance of repeating a response. The drug counselor strongly doesn’t want the patient to return to their old habits of drug abuse. By removing any place the patients could acquire drugs it will negatively reinforce that drugs are…