Mastermind The Movie Essay

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Viewer’s lined up on September 30th to watch the release of the comical approach or lack thereof, of one of the largest cash heist in American history. Masterminds. Masterminds depicts the inside robber played by stand-up comedian, Zach Galifianakis, as he embellishes the role of North Carolina’s Loomis Fargo employee, David Ghantt, a dull, routine cash transporting, working alongside co-worker, Kristen Wiig, who portrays the tempting, bleach blonde babe, Kelly Campbell, a washed-out cuffed pant leg, L.A gear wearing crush of David Ghantt.

The movie begins with a day-to-day into the life of an ordinary trailer-owning man who looks fabulous perfecting his floppy version of the 1980 paper boy haircut. Yes honey, bangs and all! The comforts
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The 1997 less-restrictive airport security permits access to a hilarious bearded woman and those, um, sexy curves. This smooth get-a-way and low-profile gang seems to have succeeded in the mastermind robbery, that is, until the FBI get involved. Equipped with one strong and adamant er, woman, determined to capture the Loomis Fargo fugitive. As word gets back to Chambers who has since been making it rain on local malls and car dealerships. Spending his hard-earned 17 million on luxurious mansions and extravagant decor. Chambers, whose identity is quickly discovered by Ghantt, holds no bars when deciding to terminate one of America’s most wanted criminals and hires hit-man Michael Mckinney (Jason Sudeikis) to ensure the name-dropping threats will never come to a
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