Masters Of Education Program Reflection

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Masters of Education Program Reflection When I decided to further my education, I was not fully aware of the direction I wanted to go in. The school I would choose to study, the degree I would seek were all still vague. After weeks of research I made a decision to pursue a Master’s of Education in Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment at Walden University. From my research, it was made clear that a degree in curriculum, instruction and assessment would position me to become a positive change agent within my classroom. Walden University has equipped me with the knowledge needed to creating an effective and efficiently run enhanced learning environment for my students where the content is related to their lives, authentic assessments are used to promote higher level thinking while solving real world problems, and where the classroom community allows for student voices to be hear. I have always leaned more towards a constructivist view of learning. Students should be in a classroom where they are not just sitting and listening but doing and constructing their own knowledge. This provides a platform for them to become intrinsically motivated in the learning process because they are actively involved. However, I did not understand how to effectively make that happen. As a new teacher, I followed in the footsteps of my assigned “mentors”, using their lessons and activities, simply trying to keep my head above water. During my fourth year of teaching, I committed to a plan
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