Mastery Trial

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We leave in a secular society where most carry out their lives attempting to find their niche, that one area where they excel and flourish. "How can one find that place," one might ask. The answer to that all too common question is simple trial and error. As said by transcendentalist Author Ralph Waldo Emerson, "Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow." In order to develop and mature in the world, one must be open to new experiences and try new things, or face the harsh reality of missing out on all potential opportunities to succeed. Mastery cannot occur without first trial. World renowned tennis player Serena Williams did not wake up one day and proceed to ace serves on the court; she had to do something "beyond what [she] had already mastered." She had to take a…show more content…
Reminisce on that feeling of deafening uncertainty, the way it consumed everything around you. Now consider another time you attempted something new and enjoyed it. Ponder on that exhilarating jump into the icy waters below you, or that bold moment you explained a new method to solving a problem and were praised for ingenuity. These moments would cease to exist if you had not tried something new. As theorized by psychologist Erik Erikson, humans must develop around several developmental crisis, one of them being initiative versus guilt. This crisis states that humans must develop a will to explore and try new things. If one does not achieve this capability, they will be full of anxiety and guilt. This further expands on the need for people to experience new situations and find mastery. A heart can only beat for so long before it eventually comes to a jarring halt. When that time arrives, will you have lived out a life that was full of chances and fresh experiences? If yes, you would have grown and developed through your life span, finding that niche, be it a sport or a hidden talent, and flourished just as any and
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