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1) What three universal questions are touched upon in the Epic of Gilgamesh? Answer: History tells us that the Mesopotamian people believed that the afterlife held no joy or happiness, only eternal distraught. The story of Gilgamesh is one that touched questions that are still asked today. 1. Does everything a person has accomplished in their lifetime mean nothing once they are dead? 2. Is there an actual point or goal of a human’s life? 3. If there is, by what means can a person gain understanding as to why they are alive. 2) List the six characteristics of civilized societies and of civilizations. According to the text in order for a society to be considered civilized they have to possess certain characteristics…show more content…
In my opinion what this writer was trying to say is that no one can fight fate, if it is meant to be it will be; a lesson that people still pass down today from generation to generations. Aeschylus- Agamemnon The major theme of Aeschylus is one that emphasized the strong understanding of human’s weakness and how the quest of power can corrupt, but mostly he tried to emphasize that violence and vengeance only brings about more violence and vengeance. His work also shows the belief that good always wins and in order for people to learn from their mistakes they must first suffer from those mistakes. Aeschylus confided his message in three plays known as the trilogy, first one is “Agememnon”, and it tells a story of a powerful king Agamennon who returned from a successful battle. However, along the way he was given the choice to either forsake his quest of glory or sacrifice his daughter to gain safer passage and continue on his quest. Choosing to sacrifice his daughter he later returned home only to be murdered by his wife and her lover. Her motive to kill was revenge her daughter death, to replace her husband and make her new lover king. What is the story and themes in Virgil’s Aeneid? The story of Aeneid is over a series of twelve books. Aeneid is a Trojan prince who decides to set sail west to Italy in the hopes of finding a

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