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Mathew Carfi English 2030 – W2 Dr. Jill Franks October 5, 2013 Sand’s Marianne: The Development of Characters and the Inevitable Outcome In George Sand’s Marianne, Sand uses her development of the three primary characters to bring together two unlikely soul mates, and at the same time separate the two most likely paired of the three figures. Her primary characters, Marianne, Pierre, and Philippe, and their make-up play an intricate role in the story. More than just playing a key role though, their make-up leads the story in a direction that is propelled by the unique personalities each hold. The drive that each strong personality contributes to Sand’s Marianne, and their unique temperaments, brings the reader into a different sort of…show more content…
Assuming that Marianne herself represents what Sand probably saw what she wanted for herself in that time of her life (This story was written in the final years of George Sand), her character being strong, intelligent (even if not formerly educated), and passionate. Yet as strong and independent as she is portrayed, she still wants the dream of love and to be able to share that with a man who can truly love and appreciate her. She plays along with the story as it goes, but the reader is always assured that she never truly falls into the trap of the young suitor, Philippe, and his plan for her wealth and financial support. The type of character strength found in Marianne is not typical of the type of woman that probably lived in the time that the story took place, but the make-up of Marianne is paramount for how the characters of both her and Pierre come together, and how she and Philippe disperse as the story unfolds. Pierre and Philippe, described briefly as polar opposites, both offer a glimpse into the only two types of men there are for a Marianne. They seem to be in competition from the onset, yet truly there never really was a competition for Marianne’s character, or at least it never really seemed to be one. The two characters existed not for competition, but to display what is good and emotional (Pierre and his love, and

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