Matching Men : Tinder And The Presentation Of Masculinity

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Dating has changed so much over time. With advances in technology, it’s easier than ever to strike up a conversation with someone new. However, in the past there have been scripts to follow, or an order to do things in. For example, someone would ask the other person out, they would start dating, get married, move in together, and then have kids. In today’s world, there is no set script. Many people are doing things differently, and in different orders. As people are becoming more and more tolerant of differences, dating is evolving to include things it never used to. With this all happening, dating and hooking up in today’s world is as messy and confusing as ever. Learning about it while also experiencing some of the same things first hand while at college has been interesting. One article that we read for class really resonated with my own life. The article “Matching Men: Tinder and the Presentation of Masculinity,” by Amanda Fehlbaum, related to me directly as I have an account on Tinder. In her article, Fehlbaum discusses what she personally found as the most common parallels in guys’ tinder accounts. Many of the things she covered, such as selfies, involvement of the outdoors in their pictures, and mentioning successful careers in their bios, I’ve seen firsthand on my Tinder. The commonalities I’ve seen on Tinder in both how the pictures are presented, and what the bios say display the need for men to feel masculine. They include lifting pictures to showcase their
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