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MATERIAL AND METHODS Chemicals: Chemicals were bought as follows: Acetylthiocholine iodide was gotten from BDH chemicals, Ltd, Poole, England. Dithiobis-nitrobenzoic corrosive was obtained from Aldrich synthetic Co. Ltd. Britain. 5,6 dihydroxytryptamine creatinine sulfate (DHT) [contains 43.5% of 5HT (serotonin)] from Sigma (Deisonhofen Germany). Animals: Thirty male albino rats (weighing 100-150 gm) aged 2 months were used in the experiments. The rats were supplied by the Medical Research Institute animal house, Alexandria University(Egypt). Rats were housed in group cages (5 in each cage) and allowed free access to food and tap water. The rats were deeply anaesthetized and killed by decapitation after having been…show more content…
The exploratory outline and translation of the outcomes depended on the accompanying equation(12): ,where [I] is the inhibitor concentration, and (△ t/2.3 △ log v) is the first order rate constant at constant [I]. For the determination of the kind of inhibition and the enzyme-inhibitor dissociation constant (Ki), the substrate concentration was varied: 0.25, 0.50, 0.75 and 1.0 mmol/L while the inhibitor (5, 6 DHT) was kept at constant concentration for each experiment: 140, 280, 420 or 560 µmol/L. RESULTS The AChE content in whole and five different parts of rat brain, namely; basal ganglia, frontal cortex, cerebellum, medulla oblongata and pons was measured at a constant substrate concentration of 0.5 mmol/L AThChI. The results showed that the basal ganglia contained the highest amount of AChE (22.5 µmol/min/g wet wt), while the cerebellum contained the lowest amount of AChE (7.6 µmol/min/gwet wt). In the basal ganglia the total amount of AChE content was found in the grey matter, while the total amount of AChE of pons and medulla oblongata were found in the white matter. In the other parts, AChE contents were found in both gray and white matter. (Table

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