Material And Methods Of Blood Lac At Arrival As Potential Predictor Variable On Feedlot Calves With Brd

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Materials and methods Part 1: Blood LAC at arrival as potential predictor variable in feedlot calves with BRD. A total of one hundred thirty five charolais feedlot calves were transported to the commercial feedlot located in South Farms- Beef Cattle and Sheep Field Laboratory at university of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign- USA. All selected animals (n= 104; mean 439.93 LB) were considered to be in good condition with no apparent injuries or disease at the time of arrival at the feedlot unit. The selected calves did not receive antimicrobials drugs for control of BRD at the barn before or during processing. All calves in this group were processed within 48 hrs after arrival. During processing, each calf was individually weighed and…show more content…
This program software displayed spectrogram of recorded sounds, preprocessed lung sounds to remove heart sounds and potential interference from the environment and classified acoustic patterns in lung scores ranging from 1 to 5 (1 = normal, 2 = mild acute, 3 = moderate acute, 4 = severe acute, and 5 = chronic). Following the calves examination, blood samples were obtained from each calves in vacutainer tubes by jugular vein puncture using a 20G needle on labeled test tube, blood LAC was recorded for each calf using Lactate Plus handheld lactate meters (Nova Biomedical, Waltham, MA). This portable clinical analyzer has been found accurate and reliable compared with the reference method (Hauss et al., 2014). The Lactate Plus analyzer reports LAC values from 0.3 to 25mmol/L with a single drop of blood. The result is displayed within 13 s after a drop of whole blood has been placed on the lactate strip. Following processing the calves will be maintained in the beef unit according to established management and health care protocols. Following entry, the calves were monitored daily by the unit managers and staff for detection of clinical signs of respiratory disease (e.g. changes in mentation, anorexia, ocular or nasal discharge, cough and altered breathing pattern) according to the unit health management protocols. A BRD case was defined as a calf presenting a rectal temperature >40◦C

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