Material Evidence On Illinois V. Sutherland

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Material Evidence in Illinois v. Sutherland In the United States, crimes are constantly being committed. Some of the crimes that are committed are simple, and other crimes are extremely complex. Every complex crime comes with its own challenges in distinguishing material evidence. Some evidence can be tiny as a hair, or a fiber that can be located on a piece of clothing or carpet. Even though, the size of the evidence is not important, the information that it provides investigators is crucial to finding the suspect of the crime. With the assistance of trace evidence, investigators can obtain the small particles that can transfer from two objects come together. Collecting material from any crime scene can yield a plethora of information. However, by properly collecting material evidence like the tire print impression, pubic hairs, multiple dog hairs, and foreign fibers. Investigators, were able to convict Cecil Sutherland for kidnapping, sexual assault, and three counts of murder.
Cecil Sutherland Facts
According to Gaensslen, Harris, and Lee (2008), the body of a ten-year-old girl was found by an oil field worker, in the morning of July 2nd, 1987 at 9 A.M. (p. 340). The female body was lying “approximately one hundred feet from” (Gaensslen et al., 2008, p. 340) on the old field road when the worker found her. The victim was left on the road facing down and covered with debris from the road. According to Gaensslen et al., (2008), the victim’s body had visible shoe print…
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