Material in Portal Frame

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Materials in Portal Frame In this section, materials which can be utilized in this portal frame structure will be discussed. Each material advantages and disadvantages will also be discussed. Since the world of construction nowadays have been favouring environmental friendly material in construction with the lowest cost possible, this section will also discuss about the benefits of each material to the environment. Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer or GFRP is a material that can be shaped into almost any shape. The example of GFRP is shown in figure xx. This material can replace cold rolled steel as purlins or girts. If GRFP is utilized, the portal frame section can be design to consume less steel because…show more content…
Recycled concrete Recycled concrete is re-produced by using old torn down structure. The remains from demolished or renovated structure are used as a part of a new building instead of piling them up in land fill. It is considered a more environmental friendly step to use recycled concrete. Recycled concrete is used as the dry aggregate in new concrete which can produce similar properties as conventional concrete. Depending on its amount, construction cost can be slightly decreased by using on-site recycled concrete crusher since it cuts down cost on dry aggregate delivery from the quarry. In this project, recycled concrete can be used in the reinforced concrete footing construction. This is also an option to consider if an environmental friendly structure is to be constructed. Timber Another environmental friendly structure material is timber which does not require much of energy in its production compared to any other metal. With the maximum span of approximately 50m, timber portal frame is still used until today. Joint connection such as gusset or the knee joint can be made using nails. This process of erecting timber portal frame require relatively minimal skills, therefore can be erected almost anywhere. Other than being environmental friendly, some timber portal frame possesses a very high aesthetic value. An example of timber portal frame is shown
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