Materialism And Its Effects On The United States

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Materialism, although commonly seen as a harmful characteristic, has the potential to be a beneficial one. The desire for a vast number of possessions has often been tied with the wealthy; however, both wealthy and poor alike have materialistic tendencies and thus, everyone has the potential to live unsustainably. Being materialistic is not what classifies a person as sustainable or unsustainable, it is what that person pursues with their tendencies that does so. If someone wanted to purchase a new vehicle, it would be unsustainable for them to purchase a Bentley or a G-Wagen while there are alternative, energy saving models like the Tesla or Prius. The trend that 's beginning to take hold in the United States is that the more material…show more content…
In order to make changes that encourage living sustainably, one does not have to excess wealth. Rather than buying whatever that 's desired, it should be made a goal to rethink every purchase and make sure there wasn’t a more sustainable way to get what was wanted. The reason why materialism has such a negative connotation today is because the wrong kind of materialism always gets the most publicity. A popular blog on tumblr, Rich Kids of Instagram, receives more than 10,000 hits per day and documents the extravagant spending of the wealthy youth. There are multiple blogs like this one and the only thing they accomplish are idolizing the stereotype that all wealthy people live unsustainably and are obsessed with material goods. The stigma behind these types of social media websites is that they do nothing more than broadcast the very worst type of materialism. Meanwhile, a wealthy family from California gets no press for spending money on a trip to a poverty stricken country in central america in order to provide help. The definition of materialism is in the eye of the beholder. Although the wealthy do generally focus more on luxury than on sustainability, the question that remains is - What would be a better way for the wealthy to spend their money? After all, wealthy families earned the money they posses and it is theirs to do with as they please. However, speaking from a moral standpoint, these people have more of an obligation
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