Materialism Is The Love For Tangible Things

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Materialism is the love for tangible things. Greed goes hand in hand with materialism because it refers to the want of having these tangible things, in abundance. We see today in our society that materialism and greed is at the forefront of most crimes. It is also often considered as the root to all evil. Even our businesses thrive on the materialistic consumer. Capitalism itself is built on exploiting people’s desire to buy things that they might not particularly need. In addition, these businesses try to persuade the individual, that their product is an absolute necessity to have. However, are their products truly needed for our everyday lives? Surely, we have to separate our want to facilitate things in our lives, from being too frivolous with our money, but when is enough, enough? I believe that materialism and greed is very problematic and one must be able to control temptation of indulging into too many material things. We must put our focus on the intangible, love. The desire for clothes, jewels, and cars, fill the dreams of many. The amount of things one has can even indicate one’s socioeconomic status, especially in the United States. Our nation is revolved around capitalism and glorifying materialism. The ability to gain worth through resources has been just a normal standard we live by. It even starts when we are younger. With more parents in the workforce, many of them start to buy their kids gifts, to compensate for the time that they miss out on. A child can
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