Maternal Births

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Maternal conditions that determine the path of birth, the maternal age and the reduction in the number of desired children. The gestational age less than 38 weeks of gestation or greater than 40 weeks can increase the chance of having a cesarean birth. Births in gestational ages between 29 and 36 weeks have a probability close to 57% of occurring by cesarean section, compared to 33 % in births with a gestational age between 37 and 42 weeks. Women have a greater proportion of births by cesarean section (43.3%) compared with women who have a history of a previous child (34.9%), or two or more children (27.5%). Among women of middle and high socioeconomic level, there is a strong preference for the surgical delivery, it has been determined…show more content…
In a study carried out in 2002 found that only 6% of prime gravid women were interested in a future cesarean delivery. In England, a survey found that the maternal request cesarean section was a rare event. Studies conducted in Brazil and Chile could not demonstrate that the increase in the percentage of cesarean sections Due to demand, but that was due to the intentions of the doctor. Potter and his group found that 80% of pregnant women in Brazil hoped to have a birth a month before birth; however, 66% had a cesarean section. Several authors have pointed out a series of personal and social reasons for pregnant women request a cesarean section. Within these reasons are the fear of the birth, the perception of inequality and the bad attention. In a survey conducted in Australia in mothers who requested the delivery by cesarean section, the 46% was due to concerns about the state of health of your baby. However, in that country, less than 10% of the women agreed with concepts such as "the cesarean section is better and more modern", "the delivery by cesarean section is the standard for the birth in private practice in many countries", or "the richest woman can choose the mode of cesarean section birth." The ethical debate on if the mother may choose a delivery by cesarean section without medical indication has not yet reached An ethical position defined. However, when mothers request elective cesarean section in a pregnancy
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