Maternal Depression And Its Effects On Many Individuals

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Maternal depression can have effects on many individuals. It is a disorder that can have ramifications on women, men, children, and families. Maternal depression is not a disorder that just happens postnatal , this diagnosis can occur in the prenatal stages. It 's estimated that 1 in 10 pregnant women and 13 percent of new mothers experience depression. Maternal depression is a mood disorder that begins before or immediately after childbirth. It affects a mother or fathers ability to adequately care for her young child (Wahowiak, 2014). Symptoms include changes in sleeping and/or eating patterns, irritability, mood swings, feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness, crying jags and difficulty concentrating. Unlike the "baby blues," which typically last only a few weeks, postpartum depression lasts longer and can be more severe. In addition, a lack of energy, withdrawal from family and friends, unexplained anxiety, and certain physical ailments such as headaches and heart palpitations could also be symptoms of depression. On average, maternal depression peaks 4 years after the birth of their child .individuals experiencing maternal depression may also find that they are uninterested in the new baby or have irrational fears of harming them (Wahowiak, 2014). Individuals who suffer from maternal depression are less likely to implement safety measures in the home, such as the use of child safety gates, electrical outlet covers and car seats and they are less likely
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