Maternal Employment And Child Development

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Maternal Employment and Child Development When a mother works outside the home it is considered maternal employment. The nation has seen more and more mothers entering the work force. In fact, women, whose presence in the work force have been ascending, are now the main providers in 40 percent of families, up from 11 percent in 1960 (Wang, Parker, Taylor, 2013). Therefore, it is believed that mothers work hours are a hinder to a child’s cognitive development. This controversy has been a focus of psychology and sociology literature over the past decades (Bernal, 2008). However many mothers here in the United States are still working outside of the home because the income is needed to help the family’s financial needs. This paper will show that early maternal employment can have an impact on children ages 3-5 cognitive development. How maternal employment impact adolescences’ achievement, behavior, and cognitive development will be shown in this paper also. Maternal employment impact on a child’s mental health will also be discussed in this paper. This paper will also show maternal employment effects on childhood obesity. Then maternal employment and child care effect on child development will be discussed. Finally maternal employment effect on juvenile delinquency will be discussed.
Maternal Employment Effect and Young Children Development
The increasing employment of mothers’ of young children affects children adversely (Cooksey, Joshi, Verropoulous, 2009). Early year
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