Maternal Newborn Risks And Benefits Of Home Births

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Maternal-Newborn Risks and Benefits of Home Births Carson M. Michalowski Family Focused Nursing University of Oklahoma Fran and Earl Ziegler College of Nursing Maternal-newborn Risks and Benefits of Home Births Hmong Study Many Hmong families in Thailand do not use maternity services due to cultural beliefs and distrust in institutional processes. Culturally, pregnancy is viewed as a natural process where home support is the only care needed (Culhane-Pera, Sriphetcharawut, Thawsirichuchai, Yangyuenkun, & Kunstadter, 2015). Other contributing factors for choosing a home birth versus a hospital birth included cost, travel distance, time, and involuntary medical procedures (Culhane-Pera et al., 2015). Women and families…show more content…
Evidence-based education regarding healthcare practices, pregnancy risks, culturally-appropriate care, family-centered care, and maternity services in general could help improve the use of hospital care among the Hmong population in Thailand (Culhane-Pera et al., 2015). However, if home births are still preferred by the family, antenatal care services should be provided within the village. Closer care and education on safety for home births as well as other resources such as neonatal resuscitation training could help improve overall outcomes for the mother and family (Culhane-Pera et al., 2015). American Studies With technological advances, many United States women are turning to home births rather than hospital births. Avoiding unnecessary medical interventions, previous negative experiences, and mistrust of traditional providers are just some of the common reasons why mothers do not choose hospital births (Boutcher, Bennett, McFarlin, & Freeze, 2009). Home births provide an environment that feels familiar and safe and the mother has an increased sense of control. Even though home births have acceptable safety percentages, they are not well supported by the government, society, or insurance companies (Boutcher et al., 2009). In general, planned home births, have fewer medical or obstetrician interventions than hospital births. Some risks with home births include less access to
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