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Maternal Health and Child Health Systems Assessment Tool
Version 2.1

A tool for assessment of health service systems to support maternal health and child health
Health during early childhood and pregnancy has long term and wide ranging impacts on the general health of populations. Promotion of good health in pregnancy and childhood are therefore critical activities of primary health care services. Health service systems need to be organised to meet the specific needs of maternal and child care alongside the other major aspects of these services, such as acute and chronic illness care.
Health care organisations require practical tools to guide efforts and evaluate changes in maternal and child health. This ABCD Systems
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While there may be some overlap, the elements of the MCH Systems
Assessment Tool can be applied separately to the assessment of systems to support a) services for maternal health; and b) services for child health.
The use of this tool provides a score for the state of development of different aspects of health centre systems. These scores may be used as a guide for where improvement efforts might be focussed. The scores should be seen as a guide only, and services should base their priorities on the range of information available and the opportunities for improvement in different areas.
We will welcome suggestions or feedback from services which use this tool.


The Model Components
The model that we use for describing primary health care service systems has seven components, and each component is made up of a number of items. The seven components of the model are:
1. Organisational influence refers to the use of organisational influence to create a culture, and support organisational systems and mechanisms to promote safe, high quality care.
2. Links within the community and with external (outside) services refers to the extent to which the primary health care service uses linkages with other community resources and service providers to promote health and enhance the effectiveness of the service. It is primarily through this component of the tool that the quality of community or population based
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