Maternal Role : Becoming A Mother

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Maternal Role Attainment- Becoming a Mother: Ramona T. Mercer Ramona T. Mercer has been an influential theorist; whose middle range theory has been implemented in nursing more focused on maternity and child. (Masters, 2015 p.284) Keeping in mind that this is a middle range theory it maintains the variables to a minimum and its application to the real world allows its concept to be tested. This theory emphasizes on the interaction and evolving process of a mother and her new infant and the role they take on as a caregiver. (p.284) Use of this theory, the nurse, has insight of the phases the mother goes through pre, during, and postpartum. It also continues into the bond of a mother and child throughout the first year, their social supports and community factors that affect this relationship. Background Ramona T Mercer, born 1929, received a nursing diploma from Margaret’s School of Nursing in Montgomery, Alabama. (p.284) She later obtained a bachelor’s in nursing from the University of New Mexico in 1962 and her master’s degree in maternal- child nursing in 1973 from the University of Pittsburgh. (p.284) Her career led her to a teaching position in the Department of Family Health Care Nursing in San Francisco’s University of California (UCSF), where she published two books that received book of the year awards in 1977 and 1979. (p.284) She was honored by the American Academy of Nursing and named a living legend. (p.284) She retired from the Department of Family Health Care
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