Maternal Stress And The Birth Of A Healthy New Born Baby

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Maternal Stress
Since ancient times, scientists have written about beliefs that the emotional state of the pregnant mother may affect her unborn child. Today, both animal and human studies support the notion that maternal stress and anxiety during pregnancy can have both immediate and long-term effects on her offspring ("The Effects of Maternal Stress," n.d.). Prenatal maternal stress originates due to unforeseen circumstances that cannot be controlled or resolved within a rapid timeframe, therefore, causing the individual to become subjected to strenous trial and tribulations. Throughout this paper one will discuss in detail the affect maternal stress have on infants within the United States Stress On the born Child The function of stress on a mother during pregnancy leaves both the mother and unborn child in danger. Most women believe once the elimination process of alcohol and cigarettes is carried out, the road to baby development is underway to ensure the birth of a healthy new born baby. Thus, most women have not been warned or educated on the existence of maternal stress, and the impact stress can cause to the unborn child. Stress can be caused by an unforeseen situation that an individual has no control of, causing the individual to become overexerted by lack of immediate resolution. For example, financial difficulties, relationship failures, and/or drastic life events such as deaths, can arouse uncontrollable…
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