Mateusz Unbroken-Motivational Video Analysis

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"You get in life what you have the power to ask for." Nancy D. Solomon

According to Evelyn Pelczar in an article at Elite Daily, 'Fear is both an enabler and a teacher to its own forces.' Fear has been used for centuries to control people and their behaviors. But the fear of limiting your true human potential is a fear that many of us are disinclined to connect with, as it requires us to own our emotions and dig deep for the underlying reasons that hold us back from our success.

If fear is the lynch pin for why we do everything, why do we allow it to control us at so many levels, even to the point of being comfortable with what is unbearable?

A top 10 list of fears representing the top fear-related searches at search engines like Google
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In the inspirational video by Mateusz, Unbroken - Motivational Video on YouTube, one can see the power of fear and how it kills dreams, holds us back from dreams, and paralyzes us. Yet we see people succeed in spite of these fears and then we wonder 'what is their formula for success'? It may not be so simple, but perhaps it is these fears that create our resistance. Perhaps it is only when our dissatisfaction, coupled with a vision and first step, together begin to exceed that resistance we can feel like we can change (i.e. Gleicher's Formula - DxVx F>R).

Three of the most common fears around your resistance to move forward to success seem to be:

Fear of Failure
Fear of Rejection
Fear of Change.
Fear of Failure

Many of us are afraid of failing, at least some of the time. But fear of failure is when we allow that fear to stop us from doing the things that can move us forward to achieve our goals. It is important to also understand that failure can mean different things to different people - much like success, there is no clear benchmark.

Common Signs of Fear of Failure

You might experience some of the following symptoms...

* A reluctance to try new things or get involved in challenging projects,

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* You're extremely conscious of what other people think of you.

* You're afraid to say no and express your opinion.

Fear of Change

Fear of change often stops us from taking action. Generally it works with anxiety, self-doubt and guilt to help it do this. While some anxiety is useful and can motivate us, there are times when anxiety about something new can severely limit us, especially if there's uncertainty about the future.

Common signs of Fear of Change:

You might experience some of the following symptoms...

* Unpleasant awareness of time passing,

* Need to have control over things,

* Anxiety,

* Worry,

* Feeling helpless in the face of change.

Embracing the fears that limit you can produce the feelings of owning or taking back your power. There is no better or empowering feeling. According to leadership studies, owning and understanding your body and mind are critical to your success. Being afraid is inevitable for us all, but it does not lead to or support being a success. Learning from fear and facing it is a step toward understanding and managing it. Knowing yourself can provide fruitful insights on how you approach life, as well as preparing you for your unlimited
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