Math 106 And Its Effect On Students

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When educating students, it is essential to their growth, that teachers have the ability to learn and grow with their students. Every child learns, thinks, and comprehends differently; therefore, the same material should be taught in multiple ways. For example, in my Math 106 class, all students solve the same problem, the teacher then has a few students explain and depict the different ways they received the correct answer. When a student has a difficult time explaining their method, Mrs. Graybeal provides encouragement and guidance; thus. Also, students who are having a difficult time solving the problem used one of the methods provided by a peer to help them comprehend and solve the problem. Math 106 teaches future educators the…show more content…
This allows students the ability to identify with themselves and be introduced to new methods, in order to create a safe and positive learning environment. Being a teacher, is signing off to be a lifelong learner; teachers constantly adapt and grow with their students. When volunteering at North Frederick Elementary school, I got to watch both the teachers and students grow throughout the year. The kindergarten teachers would provide the same test at different times in the year, to portray students’ growth in particular areas. For example, the students would take a test at the beginning of the year, where they showed their ability to write and count from 1-10 and at the end of the year, they took an exam where they showed their ability to write and count from 1-100. Also, the kindergarten teachers used the result from the beginning exam to place students in groups, that would promote their growth the most. For instance, the teacher would provide each group would have different assigned games and classwork, that were easy enough for them to comprehend, but hard enough for them to really learn and think. Also, the group lessons were altered based upon the groups capabilities and sometimes the teacher would provide students with one-on-ones. Furthermore, the test results were compared to the standards set by common core and the state, so they could see the students’
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