Math 1201 Unit 7 Essay

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Written Assignment. ………………………. MATH 1201 Written Assignment unit 7. The University of the People (UoPeople), AY 2016 - 2017. May 18, 2017. Hello, Peers and Assessors of this Written Assignment, Please do not mind the schema of my assignment submission. It is a habitual attitude that has become a culture fueling my academic path. I consider every assignment to be a task and a project that can be presented and referenced to, in the future. My assignment submission patterns, demonstrations and elaborations are part of a traditional belief that says, “If you are doing something, do it well and let it last”. So welcome to this project. Problem 1 What are the coordinates if the points of intersections of a 330 degree that intersects a unit circle? Hint A unit circle is a circle with radius 1 in length.…show more content…
We shall be using The Pythagorean Identity Theorem 10.1 of the text, that states that cos^2 (x)+sin^2 (x)=1 We shall be making use of the Theorem 10.13, which states that cos⁡( α+β)=cos⁡(α) cos⁡(β)-sin⁡(α)sind(β) to purify the proving. The Process cos(2x)=1-2sin^2 (x) Let us deal with the left-hand side throughout to equivalent the right-hand side. We split the 2x ↓ cos(x+x)=1-2sin^2 (x) Now, with theorem 10.13, we substitute for the cos(x+x) ↓ cos⁡(x) cos⁡(x)-sin⁡(x)sind(x)=1-2sin^2 (x) cos^2 (x)-sin^2 (x)=1-2sin^2 (x) Now, we replace cos^2 (x) in the above equation with 1-sin^2⁡(x) derived from theorem 10.1 ↓ {1-sin^2 (x)}-sin^2 (x)=1-2sin^2 (x) Release braces 1-sin^2 (x)-sin^2 (x)=1-2sin^2 (x) ↓ Solution 1-2sin^2 (x)=1-2sin^2 (x) Proved. End of Problem 3 Many regards ☺☺☺
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