Math And Numeracy Research Paper

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Mathematics and Numeracy go hand in hand. However just because you are good with maths does not imply your numeracy is good too, as “numeracy is the capacity, confidence and disposition to use mathematics to meet the demands of learning, school, home, work, community and civic life” (ACARA, 2009, p.5).
Mathematics is the foundation on which everything is built, however it is not about knowing only timetables, formulating, calculating, and being able to provide one right answer to every question, unfortunately this was how maths was taught and enforced with rote and repetition. Rote and repetition did not promote interconnectedness nor did it promote numerate individuals, therefore many could see no relevance to maths in their day to
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This style of math teaching that may have developed math skills in a few, but ultimately underestimated the value of numeracy and resulted in failing to reach enough of its audience. Today…show more content…
Maths learning today is designed for interaction, providing active and open discussion, it makes connections to nature and to the world around us. Via this type of learning, problem solvers evolve, those who can use mathematics in a variety of ways to determine the best course of action and outcome. Thus providing the foundation for strong numeracy skills to develop while enhancing curiosity, reasoning and creating numerate individuals who know “when to use mathematics, choosing the mathematics to use and critically evaluating its use” (NSW Department of Education and Communities, 2011). “Children and young people need to develop their numeracy skills through learning to read, write and discuss aspects of numeracy within a range of different real-life contexts” (Teach in
Scotland, 2016). By developing numeracy skills and using them reflectively in life, mathematics enriches every students life, and gives rise for mathematicians to develop, that may have previously been lost in the
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