Math Area Is an Integral Part of the Overall Montessori Curriculum

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The Math area is an integral part of the overall Montessori curriculum. Math is all around us. Children are exposed to math in various ways since their birth. They begin to see numbers all around their environment. It is inherent for them to ask questions about time, money and questions about quantities. Math should be included in the Montessori curriculum because math materials are bright, colorful and aesthetically pleasing, math materials are clear and concrete that children are able to understand. For example, children relate numbers with real objects that eventually become abstract ideas, many of the math materials teach different skills at the same time and children are able to work independently and are able to be successful.…show more content…
Some children learn visually, so math materials should be inviting and easy to manipulate. Visual learners also like to pay attention visual cues from the teacher. It is therefore important for teacher to seem enthusiastic and happy when giving presentations. Some children are auditory learners; they listen to the tone of voice, pitch and speed. Teachers have to use precise and purposeful language to adapt to auditory learners. Some other strategies for guiding children in the math area are to use precise language when giving presentations and use the three period lessons whenever possible. Also, follow the order to sequence of materials on the shelf. And, finally promote them to create extensions which lead children to many other places. A series of preparations are necessary to build up to the required skills and concepts used in the math area. Children are introduced indirectly to these various skills such as order, concentration, coordination and independence in many practical life and sensorial activities. In practical life, sorting and grasping activities prepare them for math activities. Many sequenced, procedural activities like cutting vegetables, table scrubbing and dish washing allow children to concentrate for a long period of time. This type of concentration is needed for many math activities that require the child to sit through a long math presentation or complete an activity like the decimal layout. Many
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