Math Context For Learning Information

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TASK 4: MATHEMATICS CONTEXT FOR LEARNING INFORMATION Respond to the prompts below (no more than 4 single-spaced pages, including prompts) by typing your responses within the brackets following each prompt. Do not delete or alter the prompts. Pages exceeding the maximum will not be scored. About the School Where You Are Teaching 1. In what type of school do you teach? (Type an “X” next to the appropriate description; if “other” applies, provide a brief description.) Elementary school: ___X__ Middle school: _____ Urban: __X___ Suburban: _____ Rural: _____ 2. List any special features of your school or classroom setting (e.g., charter, co-teaching, themed magnet, classroom aide, bilingual, team taught with a special education teacher) that will affect your teaching in this learning segment. [Many classrooms today are comprised of different children with different learning styles. Each class is unique and different in their own way. P.S. 45 is a title one school which means that the majority of the students live in a household of low income families. In this classroom, approximately 90% of the students attending reside in low-income neighborhoods. While the label of title one indicates that the state is providing the resources for students to thrive, it can also indicate that there is a lot of pressure placed on the students to do well. This urban elementary school ranges from Pre-K classes to 5th grade. Special education services, as well as several other services, such as
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