Math Instruction : Tiered Vocabulary Lesson-

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MAT671 Applied Best Practice Strategies In Classroom Instruction: Tiered Vocabulary Lesson-
Reading Standards for Literature K-5.
Lesson Standard- Grade 2: Key Ideas and Details:
1. Ask and answer such questions as who, what, where, when, why, and how to demonstrate understanding of key details in a text.
Lesson Goal/Objective- Students will be able to demonstrate understanding of key details for who, what, where, when, why, and how by illustrating and answering questions on the story, “Insects From Outer Space” by Vladimir Vagin & Frank Asch.
Description of Unit- ELD Standard
List of Tier 2- High Frequency/Multiple Meaning Vocabulary-
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We will be making our own story books to retell the story, describing the details of who the characters were, what took place in the story, where the setting was, when it happened, why it took place, and how it happened.
Lesson- For this reading lesson, I will be reading the book, "Insects from Outer Space" to my students. Prior to reading the book, I would like to introduce the vocabulary from the story in a pocket chart. I would tell the students what the vocabulary word is, then ask them, ‘what word is this?’, and then have them repeat the word back to me; (For example: I will say the word ‘antennae’, ask the students what word is this? ‘antennae’, and then have the students repeat the word ‘antennae’ back to me. I would then provide an explanation of the word ‘antennae’ to the students to give them information about the word. I would follow this format for each vocabulary word in the pocket chart. Once I had completed the list of vocabulary words I would go back and use the words in a sentence strip. I would put each sentence strip in the pocket chart for each vocabulary word as I read them. After I had completed the sentence strips, I will read the story, “Insects From Outer Space” to my students. During the reading of the story, I will ask my students to put their thumbs up when they hear a vocabulary word that had been introduced them to prior to the story. A formative
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