Math Is More Than It All Demands Analytical Thinking

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From finding the derivative of an equation to observing the blueprints of the building you work in, math’s everywhere and it all demands analytical thinking. The human brain loves simplicity and writing is just the opposite; a powerful tool in its most complex form. It allows letters to form words to form pictures in a reader’s mind. Throughout the years, I’ve realized math is more than just numbers, writing is more than words, science is more than the facts, and history is more than just dates. The realization and the admiration of the four core subjects school has to offer has allowed me to succeed in every classroom and in life. Growing up, I sat in the back of the class, barely speaking a word to anyone. Though I seemed to lack the confidence gene, I excelled on my own. My work spoke for me. My mom always tells me how I’d come home from first grade and I’d immediately sit at the kitchen table and finish my homework before dinner. I did that every day after school until graduation. School requires hard work, especially when it came to physics and calculus, but I enjoyed the challenge. I never feared asking for help. Because of that, I managed to take every advanced placement class available to me and appear on the honor roll every year. My strong efforts resulted winning several awards. Sophomore year, I appeared in the United States Achievement Academy National Language Arts Award. I realized hard work pays off and branching out will lead to much more. I decided to join
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