Math Reflection

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During high school I established a relationship with a Citi bank Executive who exposed me to the mathematical side of finance and helped interest me in further math research. This Executive donated his time and service at my highschool and offered a single year, once a week finance class to select, highly motivated students. On the first day he sat us down and explained how of America's upper class accumulated and sustained wealth; investing. In retrospect this was the best way of capturing our intrigued. All of the children in the class, though highly motivated, were socioeconomically disadvantaged and were immediately taken with the idea of making money in the market. As a class we worked together to analyze the Foreign Exchange market from a rudimentary, yet fundamentally mathematical standpoint. Once a week we would come together to share our research and present stock options to one another. It was, always, the most exhilarating night of the week. Though none of the group members kept any of the money, our interest was piqued in a way most of us have never experienced before. This class fed my fascination in math and challenged me in a way I learned to love. My current research interest began as a way to extricate myself from poverty, but later evolved into a birth of math that, for the first time, quenched my thirst for challenge a awakened the inner scientist in me. Purpose of research: To analyze chaotic process in the foreign exchange market using a machine

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