Math of INvestment

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At first glance, from the subject description itself, all I can defend about it was that it is all about interest and computations. And since I have loved Mathematics ever since I was born, I have loved this subject even at first heard. Solving some maths has been a challenge for me since then, but I get to see the beauty of it especially when you understand what you are really solving. Going back, I got really excited to attend this class and meet the teacher.

When I got to meet my “supposed-to-be-teacher”, I really felt the class would be boring. It was not because she’s a girl, but she’s just a first timer and the degree she finished, has nothing to do with the subject she is going to
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For the prelim ending lesson, annuity was discussed. I didn’t get to understand of this lesson fully in one seating that’s why I was forced to study at home and really read the book. But, still, I didn’t get a clearer picture because at first heard, first reading, I wasn’t able to view the picture of its significance so I just put a heart of courage to ask our professor I got to understand that annuity is about periodic payments and that should be equal in size or in amount unless specified.

I did have a hard time in our quiz for annuity where we were to determine the number of periods the payment shall be made. My professor introduced a new formula which was really hard to internalize and analyze. And, up to know I didn’t get the point. But, the formula was cool, though. My professor is a real Math geek, then. On the other hand, the prelim exam was difficult for me really and I my actual score was only 17 out of a 30. Since, our professor has been a kind-hearted man, he just made adjustment and made the quiz out of a 25.

Time passed by and it’s now midterms. Yahoo! I just survived prelims and learned lot of things and still wanting to learn more. We now went through the different kinds of rates: nominal, actual, and effective. Now, things, were clearer for me. I have seen how banks are so wise in using the nominal rate instead of effective rate. A really
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