Mathematics : A Key Element For A Young Child 's Learning Process

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Literature is a key element for a young child’s learning process. It can be essential in elementary students understanding of mathematics topics. Language arts, social studies, and science instruction commonly uses literature. At times it can be overlooked when teaching or planning lessons for mathematics. Mathematics instruction tends to have a high emphasis on using manipulatives or workbooks. Literature does not tend to be at the top of the resource list (Golden, 2012). While books can be a very useful tool for teachers successfulness in teaching mathematics topics. You can find mathematics in different types of books. For example: recipe, sequential thinking, patterns, and problem solving books (Padula, 2004). Math skills and mathematics literature are both equally important in children’s growth in this subject (Kurz, 2012). These components must be combined for children to effectively learn each math skill (Kurz, 2012). According to the article, “The Role of Mathematical Fiction in the Learning of Mathematics in Primary School” this series is great for filling in a few minutes between transitions (Padula, 2004). Also, at the end of the picture books they include extensions or activities for the class to complete. This study will more closely see if third graders mathematics scores and achievement increase when consistently incorporating literature into plans and lessons. Purpose of the Study Gathering information associated with children’s mathematics
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