Mathematics: A New Kind of Portfolio Assessment Essay

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Mathematics: A New Kind of Portfolio Assessment

I sat pondering in my classroom as I calculated my grades for my first six weeks of teaching. I began wondering as I looked over grades how accurate these grades were to the ability of my students. I began to wonder how the grades showed the growth from where some of my students started at the beginning of the year. Some of my students started below grade level to begin with and had made tremendous gains to function at the level they were functioning at. However, with the traditional grading system, it tests how much they know at the sixth grade level. According to this grading system, these students were still failing or minimally passing.

This situation began to bother me and I
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They do not specifically address what portfolios look like in the classroom. I think one of the most important components of portfolio assessment is its ability to allow students to reflect, which was not mentioned in the article. Despite this brief description, the article did include research by Edward Wolfe showing that “through the use of large-scale portfolio assessment, students can realize educational outcomes that are not afforded in an educational system that focuses on traditional goals.” This research gives one insight in the value of portfolios.

The book that inspired my interest further was Eyes on the Child by Jervis. In this book, it addresses using portfolios in all content areas and touches on its uses in mathematics. The part that struck me the most out of this book and really helped me to choose my focus of this paper was the following:“The portfolios do not take away from the basic beauty of the curriculum, which requires new relationships between teachers, students, their work, and each other. These collections, which have letter grades attached, provide a physical place to store completed work, and thus qualify as portfolios.”

I feel that this is true in what I have seen throughout my experience

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