Mathematics And Science Textbooks Manifesto

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Mathematics and Science Textbooks Manifesto Imagine yourself sitting at a table in the library during the finals week, trying to get the most out of a bulky textbook within a limited amount of time. It feels like you are struggling to escape from a burning flame behind your back; you do not want to fail the tests, but you do not have much time either… The textbook contains a lot of information, but you cannot get all the knowledge you need from it instantly as you wish. It is like having a full set of swords in your arsenal, but you can only use an ordinary one to fight with a gigantic monster; that is definitely not an easy task. Reading lengthy textbooks is absolutely time-consuming, and you will have to sacrifice countless hours of…show more content…
We should also get rid of confusing or too complicated information. Some textbooks integrate knowledge from other subjects. This is not a completely bad idea, but these textbooks are not designed solely for people who take various branches of science; for example, solving a physics problem that is related to atomic numbers of elements could be confusing for students who have never taken chemistry before. Since no one would want to waste their precious time reading unrelated contents, these textbooks need to be re-written. We appreciate simplicity and efficiency. We can no longer bear trying to read those wordy textbooks within short time. Using a tiny sword, you would not be able to beat the notorious monster. It is the time for you to develop a more sophisticated weapon. Students usually create their own summary or cheat sheets. These student-made works are actually written in the way in which textbooks should be; the content is shortened while the quality is still maintained. These new representations of information are going to wipe the obsolete ones out. The unwelcoming textbooks are not needed any more as the new forms of knowledge are more concise and more effective – which are the qualities that most textbooks do not have. We believe in everyone’s potential and their perpetual effect on this world. It is the time to use your own ability to create better textbooks for yourself and the community. We admire the way nature creates human perception. People

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