Mathematics And The Scientific Method

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The amount of knowledge an individual can obtain is undefined. However, without implementing this knowledge acquired it will subside. The two areas of knowledge that is needed in everyday life is natural science and mathematics. These two subject areas are vital in respect to knowledge because they both depend upon logical reasoning and the ability to make rational decisions. Science is important in the world because it is based on experiments. The experiments follow a strict procedure called the scientific method. “The scientific method is a tool that helps scientists—and the rest of us—solve problems and determine answers to questions in a logical format. It provides step-by-step, general directions to help us work through problems” (12). Math is imperative in the world because, everyday people make financial decision’s and solve problems. “Learning mathematics forces one to learn how to think very logically and to solve problems using that skill. It also teaches one to be precise in thoughts and words. Math teaches life skills. It is difficult to find any area of life that isn 't touched by mathematics” (13). Ultimately, the application of mathematics and natural science in the world initiates knowledge to be derived.
Claims to argue: Science is applied to the world with experiments. Scientists created the scientific method to make a “conclusion about the world around them” (1). “The Scientific Method helps to “organize thoughts and…
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