Mathematics And Your Feelings Towards Mathematics

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1. Describe your skills in mathematics and your feelings towards mathematics. Reflect on how your experiences may have impacted on your beliefs about you’re mathematics skills.
My skills in maths are very limited. Simple addition, subtraction, some multiplication, word problems and reading tables I believe I have a good idea about. Subjects such as mixed fractions, percentages, scientific notation’s etc I struggle with. Math is a subject I actually love doing and throwing myself into learning more, but at the same time my maths anxiety plays a key factor in my feeling and beliefs towards going beyond what I know. As cited in Metje, Frank & Croft, Furner and Berman (2004) discuss that students who are anxious, bored, fearful or simply believe that mathematics is unimportant are the students whom are more likely to avoid the subject, leading them to struggle in the future.
In the past during primary and secondary schooling I was marked quite highly in maths, but it was a subject that was covered extensively for me with added tutoring on this subject. I believe my anxiety with mathematics started during secondary school, when my year 4 teacher would throw our books out the window when we gave the wrong answer and would call us stupid. This made me feel fearful at even trying to learn mathematics. But when I reached year 6 my teacher was encouraging and supportive which helped somewhat change my feelings. With a mixture of good and bad math teachers my beliefs and feeling…
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