Mathematics Ever Since Elementary School

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I have struggled with mathematics ever since elementary school. I could never understand mathematical concepts or apply them to realistic situations. Solving similar equations repeatedly seemed tedious to me and I did not have the patience for it. Since I have been better in English and acquired an interest for it from a young age, I was always told the ignorant idea that people who thrive in english, often struggle in math. Despite knowing that this belief was untrue, I always depended on it as an excuse for my deficiency in math. Even when I would understand the order of completing an equation, I would often make slight errors throughout the process, which was discouraging. My homework assignments and tests received low scores because of my inability to remember every detail to solve the problems correctly. That became my perspective towards math as a whole, a problem that I could not solve.
As a young child, I always assumed that tests were the only accurate measure of my ability in math because of my elementary school’s emphasis on standardized state assessments. I thought these scores would determine not only my capability in math but also my potential for future math courses. Although I did try to be attentive in class, I did not comprehend most of the materials being taught and I struggled through these assessments. Upon receiving our official scores, I was always ashamed to compare scores with classmates as the majority of them excelled in math. I completed
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