Mathematics : Final Reflective Journal Essay

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ENGR10004 ESD 1 – Final Reflective Journal My understanding of engineering: I think engineering is an art of profession which unitizes the application of science such as science principles, nature’s power and resources on daily life purposes. It is not just about scientific knowledges, but a combination of economy, management, operations and the connection between society and technology. The ideal engineering product or system is a combination of accuracy, safety, durability, efficiency and economy possible (Landis, 1995). Therefore, an engineer should not be merely specified in only one academic area but a combination of scientist, mathematician and sociologist in order to construct systems that are beneficial to mankind and fulfill the needs of the society. From my perspective, an engineer needs to complete all daily life problems by professional methods: they analysis, explore, plan and implement the actual cases, in order to find out a reasonable explanation. The outstanding characteristic of engineers is that they equip professional skills for problem solving and have good cooperation with other people. Among all disciplines in the engineering industry, I am most interested in mechatronic engineering. Mechatronic engineering is based on the combination of mechanical, electronics and software engineering which is one of reason that I find it interesting. However, I lately discovered that it is a completely different discipline. It requires a deep understanding of
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