Mathematics Is A Important Part Of The Curriculum Essay

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I. Introduction In today’s society mathematics is a vital part of day-to-day life. No matter what a person is doing at home or at the workplace, he/she is constantly using different mathematics skills to simply function. Then what does this mean for mathematics education? When someone needs to utilize a skill every day then he/she needs a strong background in the skill. Therefore, today’s students need more than a just a working knowledge of mathematics or enough knowledge to pass a test. Today’s students need to understand how mathematics works and how to utilize mathematics skills in the best way possible. II. Mathematics as an Important Part of Curriculum Mathematics goes far beyond school. That is why it is such an important part of the curriculum. Dr. Richard Restak said, “…intelligence is plastic and modifiable. All of our experiences result in the formation of neuronal circuits. The richer, more varied, and more challenging the experiences, the more elaborate the neuronal circuits.” Learning mathematics can help form those neuronal circuits, which is one of many reasons that mathematics is a vital part of school curriculum. Restak goes on to discuss how the neurons formed by these challenging experiences help students learn other and harder tasks and subjects. In “Teaching Kids Why Math Matters” Donaldson said, “A person 's success in life depends on how well she can solve problems. No matter what her career or life situation, she’ll find satisfaction
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