Mathematics Is Important For All Spheres Of Life

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Mathematics is indeed valuable in all spheres of life. Most mathematics skills above the basic arithmetic do not have any significant value to most people after school and sooner or later are forgotten. It appears the real purpose of mathematics in higher education is misunderstood. As college instructors, we have always been faced with the task of finding appropriate answers to give when asked questions like: “where do I apply my college algebra knowledge in the real world?”, “why do I have to study mathematics”, “what will I use my understanding in college algebra for” and so on. These questions have so many answers depending on where the precise emphasis is placed. It is imperative for me as an instructor to use this medium to help address questions and concerns raised by college students. Some of you students might have faced repeated struggles and failure in pursuing mathematics to the point that you feel stripped of a valuable sense of hope. Well hold your heads up, for I am here to help diffuse the frustrations that you may feel as a student towards mathematics. This write-up would be of interest not only to college students but to mathematics educators at the higher level of mathematics education and even to any discerning reader who yearns to learn more about mathematics. Higher education consisted primarily of studying liberal arts until specialization took firm root about hundred years ago. Liberal arts included academic subjects such as philosophy, literature,

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