Mathematics Peacefully, Working On An Assignment For My Math

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I sit in the library peacefully, working on an assignment for my math. Trigonometry: a bit hard, but fun. I continue to sip on my leaf water out of my nice cat mug; the one with a cat and under it the word ‘ Catffeinated’ on it. Then Stephaniey, the daughter of the biggest man in the city, comes over. “Hello, Stephaniey.” “Ah hello, friend. Could I see your tea set?”
She points at the box by my backpack, a clear mocking tone to the word ‘ friend’, but I pass it off as a mishearing. I have the set with me today because my chem lab teacher was interested in my collection, as he, too, is a collector. “Yeah, sure, I guess.” She opens the box, removes the protective padding, and picks up a cup. She lifts it up to the light for what I think
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I howl out as pain explodes from my face. I reach up toward her legs, causing more discomfort. With a firm grasp, I flip her over onto the floor. In the process, I get up, my body hunched over hers. The blood on my face drips onto her. Screeches of horror come out of her mouth.
“Alright, I wasn’t too mad at the cup breaking, but PUSHING MY FACE INTO ITS SHARDS WAS WAYYY TO FAR!”
“Eh so, it doesn’t matter. Cause you’ll be in trouble and won’t be able to run for head councilman.”
“That’s what this is about?!?”
“Of course, what else?”
“That’s such a dumb reason, I don’t really care about the place. Also Jennifer is more likely than the both of us.”
“Nuh uh, she can’t run, she’s been hospitalized.”
“What!!? She was fine yesterday!”
“She was hi-”
“Both of you to Mr. Moore 's Office; take this note with you. You two have disrupted the library’s learning/studying environment.” Mrs. Geoff, the librarian, interrupts us. As I begin to reach for the note, she stops me.
“Oh, no. Mowow, you head straight to the Nurse 's office. We’ll take care of the issue after you’re alright, I’ll have a student bring your things to the front office and get a janitor for the glass.” She gives me a warm smile, having watched the event unfold, but not being able to stop it right away. She knows I didn’t start it or partake in the violence.
“Hmmpf.” Stephaniey huffs and starts walking in the opposite direction of Mr.

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