Mathematics of Golf: The Golf Ball and Golf Club Essay

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Golf is an activity enjoyed by people of every age. Everything from the dimples on ball to the angle of the club and the momentum of the swing to the layout of the course golf uses mathematics. Golf has so many aspects that I could have used for this paper, but do to lack of time I choose to focus on specifically the golf ball and golf club. These two items are essential for the game of golf and have also changed the most. The golf ball is designed in a way that always it to float through the air with the least amount of resistance. In the beginning of the game the golf ball used was smooth. As the game became more popular people were always looking for ways to improve their golf game. In 1905 the patent for what looks most like the …show more content…

Different golf balls have different amounts of dimples and different depths of dimples that the creators feel are the best combinations. It is important to note that different golf balls work for different people. Some people that have a stronger arm may not want the least amount of drag on their ball because it could go farther than they want. Others might want to have the least resistance because they don’t have the strongest swing. In every case it is up to the golfer to decide what golf ball is going to work best for their golf game. The other most important item that you need on the course is a golf club. The mathematics behind a golf club is shown just by the amount of different clubs that are need in a given game. They’re a thousands of different types of golf clubs that each are designed in a why that changes the direction and distance of a golf ball. There are two major types of clubs, a wood and an iron, in the old days they didn’t have all these different clubs, but as golf has evolved these new inventions have made playing the game easier and more enjoyable.
A wood is a club with a large head. It is meant for driving the ball long distances with a single hit. Often called your “driver” this club is one that should give you them most distance. The large head on the end gives it momentum and force to propel the ball farther. Another type of club is the iron. This club is used after the initial tee off usually for

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