Mathilde's 'Change In' The Necklace

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Do you know a materialistic person, who only cares about money? Do you like this person? Usually, people like this are not so friendly, just like Mathilde was. But in this case, Mathilde was able to change, and we can see this by some facts in the text; she was arrogant and materialistic, then became a motivated and comprehensive, and also she was lazy, but in the final she became a very hard worker woman. Mathilde actions and attitudes changes are very complex, but with these two things as support, it is possible to make this change very clear to understand. One way that Mathilde attitudes changes is that she was very arrogant and only cared about having money and with it, buying expensive things, but in the final she actually became a woman that actually cared about essential things for doing with her money. A example of this is that she started dressing things that a normal poor woman would use, and didn't care about this. Another example is that became working very hard for having her own money . With this things we can actually see that there really happened a…show more content…
With this story, you can perceive that even if you are old and have some attitudes you would like to change, though some people will tell you you are to old for changing, yes, you can change!

Reflection: The hardest thing on this essay was finding good examples that could really illustrate the examples above. For working in this essay I did a short brainstorm for getting good ideas. Then, I made an outline and started doing the draft version. Then I got the feedback from my teacher and wrote down the final version. For getting advice, I showed every step for my teacher and also for my friends, for getting a good peer review and good advices. The best advice I got was one of my teacher, when I was making the outline, when he told me to change the
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